Transportation Procedures

Bus Riders and Walkers

  • FCPS provides bus transportation for students who reside more than a mile from school or would have a dangerous route to walk to school. Bus riders should refrain from crossing or playing on private property, cooperate with safety patrols, obey the bus drivers, remain seated on the bus and talk quietly. Please have your child arrive at the bus stop five to ten minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Kindergarten students must be met by a parent, child care provider, or sibling in middle or high school. The child will be returned to school if no one is there to meet him/her. Walking students must use designated paths, sidewalks, or the crosswalk where safety patrols are stationed.

Kiss and Ride (8:50 – 9:05/3:50– 4:05)

  • Use the Kiss and Ride traffic pattern and only drop your child off in the designated area. Please pull your car up as far as possible in the line. Make sure your child exits your car on the building side. Do not pass other cars in the line.

Changes in Transportation

  • If there will be a change in how your child goes home, we must receive a note from the parent or guardian explaining the change. 
  • A child going home with another student:  Both children must present a note of permission from their parents
  • A child being picked up by a friend or relative:  We must have a signed note from the parent indicating the full name of the friend or relative.  Please add this friend or relative to the list of people permitted to pick your child (Emergency Care Card).
  • Changes to transportation cannot be made after 3:15 p.m.   

Transportation Services

FCPS School Bus Delays