First Grade

Meet our team, view our supply list, and learn more about the first-grade curriculum.

Team PicFirst grade is an exciting year for students as they learn to be readers, writers, and mathematicians.  In Language Arts, students have opportunities during Reading Workshop to read on their own, buddy read, and participate in guided reading groups.  Students read poetry as well as fiction and non-fiction.  Students develop many reading skills including fluency and comprehension.

During Writing Workshop, students write using their imagination and creativity everyday.  First grade students are also provided opportunities to write and express themselves in science and social studies.  In math, students learn about number sense, patterning, graphing, place value, addition, subtraction, fractions, time, money and much more.  First grade is an important year for our young learners as they establish classroom routines and study habits that will follow them through the rest of their school year. 

Our First Grade Team

First Grade Supply List

First Grade Curriculum