Sixth Grade

Meet our team, view our supply list, and learn more about the sixth-grade curriculum.

6th team

Sixth grade is an exciting year for students as it marks the culmination of elementary school.  Students tackle challenging curriculum as they prepare to enter middle school.  We have a lot of exciting things happening in 6th grade!  The students participate in an exciting team building field trip at Inner Quest Ropes Course.  Also, the students get the opportunity to explore fine arts with field trips to the Building Museum and concerts at Irving Middle School.  In addition to great field trips, sixth graders look forward to facing the staff in the 6th graders vs. Teachers basketball game, which is a wonderful fund raiser for their moving up ceremony that celebrates all of the achievements they have made in elementary school.

Besides amazing trips and experiences, there is a rich curriculum that both challenges and excites the students.   In math we explore concepts ranging from algebra to geometry!  We will be examining the history of the United States, from Native American origins to Reconstruction after the Civil War in social studies.  In science we will be examining many topics, including weather, phases of matter and astronomy.  In language arts we focus on instilling a life-long love of reading! 

We examine thinking while we read and practice skills such as making an inference and summarizing.  We will use fiction, non-fiction, and functional format texts to practice those skills.  In addition to reading, the students hone their writing skills through persuasive writing and an interdisciplinary media-literacy project

Our Sixth Grade Team

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