Third Grade

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3rd Grade Teachers

Third Grade is an exciting transition year for students as they continue to learn and practice the aspects of being a good reader and author, historian of ancient civilizations from around the world, scientists, and mathematicians.

 As historians, the students become time travelers as they explore the ancient civilizations or Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome.  They learn how the environment shaped the culture and the contributions that each civilization made for future generations.  As scientists, the students begin learning the scientific process as they discover the function and format of simple machines, causes of the Earth's cycles, the layers and components of soil, and the life cycle and adaptations of the ladybug.  As mathematicians, the students learn how to multiply, divide, compare fractions, problem solve, and much more.

The Third Grade Team is made up of teachers who have a passion for learning.  All three teachers plan together, so the students receive the same content provided by Fairfax County.  Each member of the team brings their skills and dedication to helping all children succeed and develop into life-long learners.

Our Third Grade Team

Third Grade Supply List

Third Grade Curriculum