September Newsletter

By ESOL Teachers
For Parents
September 09, 2021

Meet Your ESOL Teachers!

ESOl Teachers

Mrs. Renee Centineo

Grades K, 1, 4, 5

Ms. Nadia Sadowski

Grades 2, 3, 6

Mrs. Melissa Koury

Resource Teacher

  • 9th year at Cardinal Forest
  • Taught Kindergarten for 8 years
  • I have lived in 8 states
  • Married with 3 daughters
  • Speaks Arabic 
  • 2nd year at Cardinal Forest
  • Loves learning about other cultures
  • Married with a son and daughter
  • 1st year at Cardinal Forest
  • Loves being in nature
  • Married with a son and daughter 
  • Lived in Cairo, Egypt as a kid


We are the ESOL teachers at Cardinal Forest Elementary School, and we are very excited to work with your student(s) this school year! As ESOL teachers, we are here to support your student(s) in his/her English language development. In addition to working with your student’s classroom teacher, we will be supporting your child through engaging small group work and fun learning activities. 

We are not only here to support your student(s), but we are here to support you, too! If you would like to learn more about ESOL or other support services offered to you and your family through FCPS, please feel free to contact us at our email addresses (listed above) or by phone at 703-923-5200.

Thank you and have a great day!

Mrs. Centineo   Ms. Sadowsk   Mrs. Koury