Black History Month Door Decorating Contest

February 27, 2023

In celebration of Black History Month, teachers were invited by our CFES Equity Team to decorate their classroom doors to highlight achievements of Black Americans.  The theme could center around an individual or group.  We had so many creative and beautifully decorated doors!

First place:  Mr. Hubbard's Class:  Alma W. Thomas (artist)

Second place:  Ms. Fisher's Class:  Charles Silliam McGee (artist)

Ties for 3rd place:

Preschool learned about astronauts and featured Mae Jemison

Hallway:  Black History Month decorated by Ms. Dalton and Ms. Pistilli

Ms. Maah's 1st grade:  - Our class door is Ruby Bridges because she was 6 and in first grade when she integrated schools, which was cool for our kids to study all the old photos and hear her tell the story. It really made them stop and think about the fact that she was their age going through so much.

Ms. Williams' 2nd grade:  We represented a variety of people on our door that we have been learning about this month. Students were asked "Wakanda History" they want to make based on these leaders. Most students chose someone represented on our door, while others chose someone different.

3rd grade:  "Black History Firsts"  student created and decorated

4th grade:  Black History Makers